Demonstration Version

A demonstration version of PD-PLUS may be downloaded by clicking below. Sample problems are provided for exercising various aspects of the program. From a menu, you can select the problem to be run, examine the input data file, run the simulation, view the output, and browse the keyword reference file that describes all options for every part of the program. There is no charge for this version. The user manual may be purchased separately to examine the capabilities of the program in detail, or it may be downloaded in electronic format (see "User Manual").

The demonstration version is the complete simulation program , except for the following restrictions:


  1. When the "Browse" button in the "Files" dialog is clicked, a list of example files provided with the demo version is given, instead of the usual dialog showing .DAT files in the current data file directory.
  2. The sample problems are based on a limited selection of compounds, which is not the same for all problems. You may not change the selection of components or the definitions of pseudocomponents. However, you may make changes to other input sections, even to the flowsheet and parameters of the blocks.
  3. The pure compound databank provided is a small subset of the large databank 
    provided with the unrestricted program. Only the compounds present in the
    sample problems are included; the full databank has over 1500 compounds. 
    The name of the databank may not be changed in the dialog opened when the 
    "Databank " menu item is selected. 
  4. The databank maintenance program is not included.

Downloading the demo.

 Click below to request the download. A popup menu will let you specify where you want the file to be saved.  The file is an install program called "PDPLUSDemoInstall.exe," containing, in compressed format, all the files needed to run the demo version. The size of this install program is about 1.2 megabyte. After the download has been completed, execute the install program by clicking Start/Run on the Windows desktop and specifying its location and name. The install program will prompt for a directory in which to build the demo version and ask if you wish to have a desktop icon installed. The installation will add entries to the desktop Start/Program menu for the simulator itself and also an uninstall program. The demo version of the program then may be launched by double-clicking on the desktop icon or by selecting the Start/Program entry for it. When the program is run for the first time, you may wish to change the default selections for file edit and browse programs.

Click here to download demo.